Our Development Pipeline

Kintara Therapeutics is focused on developing unique anti-cancer compounds, supported by a strong scientific rationale for development in indications with established biomarkers, and where patients are failing, or are unable to tolerate, current therapies.

VAL-083 Shows Potential Against Multiple Cancers

VAL-083 is a "first-in-class" small molecule chemotherapeutic. Its unique structure provides many valuable benefits, including the targeting of DNA for its therapeutic effect and its ability to cross the blood brain barrier, critical for activity against central nervous system (CNS) tumors.

VAL-083 has completed Pre-Clinical, Phase I and II trials for the treatment of bevacizumab-refractory glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and is currently being studied in two Phase II biomarker-driven clinical trials for unmethylated-MGMT GBM.

We are also pursuing the development of VAL-083 in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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REM-001 is a Proprietary Late Stage Photodynamic Therapy (“PDT”) Platform

REM-001 has broad utility for the treatment of serious cutaneous oncology indications. REM-001 has been previously studied in four Phase 2 and/or Phase 3 clinical trials in patients with cutaneous metastatic breast cancer (“CMBC”), who had previously received chemotherapy and/or failed radiation therapy.

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